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The Internet is huge, hundreds of thousands of new websites appear every day, in fact not all of them are harmless. Attackers register domains in which names contains a recognizable brand. Subsequently, such domains are used to carry out attacks on users, sell counterfeit products, send phishing emails, infect computers and steal personal data. Often the sites of companies clone, change the contact information to fake ones and take away customers, using the good name and reputation of the held brand. It is very important to monitor such cases in a timely manner, not permitting reputational losses.

Our system allows daily analysis of all registered/delegated domains in all major TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .info, .ru, a complete list of TLDs). You simply set up monitoring of the brand names you are interested in (companies, products, services) and receive a list of found mentions on a daily basis in a convenient way (email, telegram, api).