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Natalina Litvinova (Наталина Литвинова) President of the World Foundation for Development Resources «Rozhdeniye mira», Founder of Blockchain status lidera and Founder of the International Peacekeeping Assembly at the International Scientific Congress «Information. The science. Consciousness.» submitted a report:

«Integration of methods of diagnostic information impact into the work of state structures»

The innovative index of monitoring the information space – Digital Dangers Index (DDI) aroused great interest of experts from more than 15 countries of the world.

Every year for 21 years we are having this exciting event in St. Petersburg. The main goal is to unite people from all over the world, exchange ideas, results and projects in the science and first of all – in the field of exploring humans and nature. This is scientific congress, but it is not only for scientists and researchers – public lectures of scientists from Russia, the USA, Europe and Asia are designed for wide circle of listeners.

  • Natalina Litvinova (Наталина Литвинова) with statoperator.com In the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Committee for Support of Entrepreneurship in the sphere of a new quality of life and sustainable development began to work. The Committee sets tasks that form a new business environment. At the heart of the work are the interests of the Personality of Man. As part of the work of the committee  – Natalina Litvinova (Наталина Литвинова) developed and formulated the Digital Dangers Index.

DDI – a criterion of the stress of the global information space. The index of dangerous voltage is higher than permissible for optimal life activity of a person. The survey of the DDI index was conducted by STATOPERATORThe study involved TOP 1 million sites worldwide – English and Russian Internet space.

DDI Words markersViolence Fire Murder Victim Accident; as well as their Russian version: Убийство Пожар Авария Жертва Насилие