Daily our system analyzes the information posted on the websites which are in the TOP 10,000,000 around the world. This list is rather correct representative selection including either websites with small audience or websites which are the Internet basis. The system analyzes all content and technical information, and information which is inaccessible in search engines and social networks.

On the basis of these data we conduct researches of various types which results allow to draw unambiguous conclusions.

Popularity index in the global information space

It is used for researching popularity of political figures, websites, and brands; marketing researches, evolution dynamics of technologies, frequency of information waves, creating market share reports. It allows to estimate by specific numbers: how popular the object researched by you is, what impact this or that offline/online campaign has. It also allows to compare our indicators with competitors’ ones.

Advanced report

The advanced report contains a set of additional data on the researched object. It will allow you to stay always on top of things and to react quickly to everything that takes place in the most significant part of the Internet.

You will be able:

  • to analyze competitors activities
  • to stop diversionary activities through the Internet
  • to carry out the complex pulse analysis of brands/persons/services/goods/technologies
  • to research the market
  • to use the statistic data on the Internet condition in your own releases

Report contains:

  • chart with the rating/sum/number of references
  • structured data according to the pattern
  • pages with essence reference
  • essence reference context
  • rating of websites with references

Individual report

If the information provided in the detailed report is not sufficient, our analysts will be always able to conduct the individual research for you. In certain cases, the research of the network segment determined by own criteria can be required. For example: “all registered domains in the zone .UK” or “active domains in the zone .RU”. We can crawl any segment.

Ngram text analysis


Besides, we provide data sets for those clients who wish to take advantage of them for personal use. Format: Avro/CSV/JSON.